Jesus defeated sterility

Catherine and Bruno have been converted for many years. They got married a year after they first met. Their testimony, which is an example of faith and perseverance in prayer, will strengthen more than one couple waiting for a baby.


The Dokimos: Hi Catherine and Bruno! Can you tell us what God has done for you?

Bruno: “We had been married for about a year and a half when we thought we were ready to have a baby.”

Catherine: “I was longing for a child so much that I had everything thoroughly planned out and organized. I had stopped being on the pill and made arrangements to welcome a baby. But the baby wouldn’t come.”

Bruno: “We decided to go and see doctors to take a bunch of examinations in order to figure out what the problem was.”


What was the diagnosis?

B: “I was diagnosed with male infertility.”

C: “As for me, they detected fibroids.”

D: “This diagnosis shattered our hopes of having children.”

B: “Absolutely, doctors were explicit, they also introduced to us the “in vitro fertilization” procedure (IVF).”


What was your reaction when hearing the news?

C: “At first, I could hardly hold back my tears, I asked God: why me?”

B: “As for me, I trusted in God’s sovereignty. Besides I embraced the idea of adopting a child, I even wondered if God had not allowed this situation so that we chose adoption.”

D: “What decision did you make?”

B: “We definitely refused to do IVF. We didn’t want to do anything unnatural.”

C: “Therefore, we decided to put our faith into action and not dwelling on men words.”


What about adoption?

C: “Personally, I’d never considered it, I was waiting on the will of the Lord.”

B: “Finally we were quickly convinced that we had to rise in prayer to have a child naturally.


Was the family aware of the hardships you were going through?

C: “Not at all, relationships with the rest of the family are rather complicated. They do

not comprehend our faith”.

B: “It is true to say that our faith is deeply disputed. We didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to give them a chance to criticize God.”


What was your state of mind during this time of prayer?

B: “We were ready to accept the will of God.”

C: “But the Lord began to speak to us in various ways and showed us we were on the right path.”

B: “Indeed, not only was God giving us signs, prophecies, but also was speaking through his word. And the message was clear: he was going to give us the child we hoped for and this in a natural way. So we did like Hannah (1 Samuel Chapter 1). We promised God to dedicate the child he would give us.”


And eventually, God answered your prayers …

C: “I remember on a Saturday morning, God had promised me He would answer our prayers. I was so happy that I spent all morning worshiping the Lord. Immediately after the prayer, I felt a pain in the stomach. Going to the toilets, I realized that I had my period. A great sadness invaded me; I felt discouraged. But soon I realized that I shouldn’t accept this sadness, I rose in prayer and I cast out the spirit of despondency. A month later, I noticed I had a period delay. We hastily bought a pregnancy test. And to our delight the test was positive.”

B: “It seemed too good to be true, so we went to the doctor who treated our fertility problems.”

C: “The doctor confirmed I was pregnant. I remember the term he used and which was entirely appropriate. He told me that I had a “precious pregnancy”.”


How did the delivery go on?

C: “I had a Caesarean section. Bruno was allowed to come with me into the operating room. We were so glad that we kept on laughing despite the cesarean section.”

B: That is how after two years of perseverance in prayer, Timothy was born.


Did you take away a lesson at all from this trial?

C: As far as I am concerned, this event was the opportunity of undergoing brokenness. I was that kind of person who loved mapping everything out; I found myself having to rely only on God. I’ve learned to let the Lord direct my life.


Do you have any advice for couples who hope for a child?

B: We must trust in the sovereignty of God. We must keep in mind that God doesn’t have to give us children, and if He doesn’t: He must have valid reasons. For example, if the couple is called to serve God through many missionary journeys, it is not compatible with having a child. Surely, God is sovereign and almighty!

C: Always accept the will of God despite the moments of doubt or discouragement.

B: Romans 8: 28 reads this: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


Do you intend to have more children?

C: We are still in the same state of mind. If God blesses us with another child, it will be a great delight; we wait on the Lord.

B: Otherwise, we will remain just the three of us, and it will be fine. May the will of God be done!

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