Testimony of an ex-satanist: Who failed like Satan? JESUS CHRIST IS ALMIGHTY!

Dear readers, here is the story of the childhood, adolescence and adult life of a man who experienced the dark depths of satanism. He testifies of the omnipotence of Jesus to deliver those who have been made captive by the enemy and responded honestly to our questions with his own words. Converted for 9 years, he raises the alarm bell and warns people about the danger of sin, notably that of occultism. He also calls for the Christians to wake up and come out of their lightness and ignorance in order to truly sanctify themselves.

Can you tell us about your childhood and family?

I am currently 38 years-old. I have two brothers and two sisters, and come from a family who practices Satanism. I used to be called “Legion of legions” and am not proud of saying it. It is a great shame to have been a hotel, not to say a puppet, for filthy demons. As far as I can remember, the family atmosphere was solely made of sadness, wickedness and trauma. However, it is wrong to believe that Satanists, sorcerers etc., are just victims. Indeed, although fooled by Satan, they made choices, “took oaths” and offered human sacrifices among other things. They are BOTH victims AND criminals. Satanists offer their children to Satan. As such, I was born possessed and bound by particular spirits which were related to my position in the world of darkness. But the worse thing was perhaps the education we received. We all were great perverts and filled with all kinds of unspeakable depravity. On the satanic side, each one of us had their own particular spirits. We also had masters guiding us. I was mounting guard over attacks that could come from the outside. We were completely surrendered to Satan. We were werewolves. Although I was not the most powerful of all, I could still direct operations through cunning. This was my specialty. As I grew up, my parents, masters (who were demons) and other people mistreated me in many ways until I reached total despair. Nowhere was safe for me and nobody protected me. In fact, it was quite the contrary. My parents offered me so I could be mistreated. It was always extremely violent and very long. For example, unlike in the physical world, in the spiritual world, you can have your heart cut out or your teeth broken several times. You don’t even need to wait for a baby to be born to do these things. Once hopeless and traumatised, I completely closed my heart and forever. In other words, I was dead in my inner self and was exclusively living through other people’s lives. As a matter of fact, the first sacrifice I offered was myself, or rather someone who looked like me. It was a symbol of my death. I was ready to do whatever I was asked and that without mercy!

Can you tell us what a typical day in a satanist family is like?

We were many at home and all had specific roles. There was also a well-defined hierarchy. We were continually striving for power and dominion. No one could be trusted. We had to closely watch over everyone’s move in order not to be ensnared. From the outside we seemed to be a “good” family, a bit like great Catholic families. My dad was a worker and my mum was “raising us.” It was a façade basically. We had to look “normal» when in fact we were completely dedicated to Satan. I was going to school, and had extra-curricular activities not too far from home, but I was still under the supervision of the demons. They didn’t hesitate to punish me if I was disobeying. They themselves used to make mistakes, hate one another, betray one another or betray me. The only time I was able to breathe was when I was in class surrounded by other classmates. I was then able to relax a little bit. But sometimes, the demons took possession of my teacher, using different kind of abuse to bring me back to reality.

Nothing happened in front of my classmates though. The golden rule was to be discreet. At a signal given by my mum, we would all leave our bodies and gather together. We had a specific language which seemed all good at first sight, but which in fact had a double meaning. This is every Satanist’s trademark, who would talk about things like “love” or “light beings” for instance. As such, we pretended to live a normal life thereby aiming at gaining followers and influence without being detected, which was very easy because blindness was very high even among Christians. You should know that only the Holy Spirit can show you a sorcerer or a satanist. They infiltrate our prayer meetings and are the most dynamic (they are not fought, it helps). They have great revelations and great gifts that may appear to be spiritual. Dig a little bit and you’ll realise that the reality is quite different. My mother, who was more powerful than I was (otherwise we would have killed her), was able to read our thoughts. Imagine what our everyday life was like. Not only were we punished for our actions, but we were also punished for our thoughts, which created an atmosphere of madness. Over time, as we grew older, we learned to prevent any intrusion into our thoughts. I’m so sad to see so many Christians being so reckless about the price and danger of sin. I’m appalled by the phony theories they have about the world of darkness, theories that they went to seek from sorcerers or demons themselves. And yet, the Bible is very clear on that matter and all-sufficient for Christians. Lately, I heard that the Illuminati did not exist! How blind! The sad thing is our God is so powerful that we become oblivious despite the warnings of the Holy Spirit. Then, when we find ourselves in a critical situation, we blame God for it.

Do you know how long your family has been practicing Satanism for?

I’m not sure of the number of generations, but I would say nine. I saw it through a special experience. The good news is that Jesus came to destroy the works of darkness and caused the Christians to be made completely new creatures. There are two types of people in our family: Satanists or pastors. Strange as it may seem, there has also been men of God. I would say it’s God’s humour. I love this God who comes and seek the worst, darkest, and most futureless creatures ever to turn them into His servants, transforming them to make them men and women who delight His holiness. I love God because He has His own way of doing things, as with Moses whom He placed in an evil family for him for the sake of training. When delivered the people of Israel, our God first humiliated the sorcerers. His method: He starts by putting Himself at the same level as them but still defeats them (snake, blood appearance, among others). Then He raises a little, which causes them to be overtaken and confused. This is when He deals with the chief demons of Egypt: the frogs, the night and the darkness (Ra, Isis and Osiris, and so on). Then God rises again to finish up with Satan (Pharaoh). And finally, He publicly humiliates all these people without even getting up from His throne. Oh yes! God is God. If He had completely arisen that day, it would have been the end of everything, the end of the universe and of all the heavens. God had to contain His power, His greatness and His glory to teach us. And He does it for every man or woman who give themselves to Him.

What do satanic cults look like?

We left Satanism at the cost of a lost memory. It is therefore difficult for me to be precise and to give a specific date. But Satan loves to mock God or to push men to commit blasphemous acts. We used to celebrate evil Eucharist with human flesh, and used to get together every week. There were special days, during pagan or Christian festivals, because behind Christian festivals there are many abominations hidden. Greater meetings were sometimes held with Satan himself. We also had our own daily workload.

How are children involved in these cults?

Those who are not sacrificed are offered before their birth to Satan and prepared for their mission. Once born, they are prepared to be insensitive to everything, and with such hatred that they are capable of all kinds of abominations. We also had very strong demons in our family. One of them was supposed to stop bullets but I never tried.

Occultism is omnipresent in our societies via clairvoyance and astrology for example. How related are these practices with hardcore Satanism?

In fact, everything is related. Here’s how I see things: There are levels of occultism with their very own demons. They are increasingly large and powerful. Everyone is blinded by Satan even though those at the top of the pyramid are more aware than those who are at the bottom. In fact, many of those who are at the bottom of the pyramid believe that they serve God. Occultism could be classified into many levels, but to sum things up, there are three main ones:

1.White magic where specific prayers are used for healing and to make things happen. It is called white magic because it is used to do good (at least, that is what they believe). There are no massive sacrifices because it always needs to look religious. The Catholics and some pastors love it. This is characterised by manifestations that seem to come God, along with stigmata, various signs and pastors who offer their sheep to fill their churches.

2.Black magic, whereby one offers small-tolarge human sacrifices. They know what they do is evil and kill people voluntarily.

3.The Satanists worship Satan, offer a quota of human flesh, along with their children, and their lives. They fast and pray etc…. I find the demons of this level different compared to those of witchcraft. Those demons can be bigger than the latter or the same but “darker” and filthier. Every single occult science binds you to demons and enslaves you.

Whether you meet your inner master or false external gods or magnetism, most therapies (i.e.: oliotherapy, and other “xxx therapies”), or astral travels, the goal is the same: binding you so as to access your lives and kill you and your family. It also aims to use you as a human bomb to attract as many people as possible to hell. In our world, every action, even those that seem insignificant, have spiritual c o n s e q u e n c e s . Occultism may seem as good as the fruit Satan offered Eve, but it leads to death. This is really significant of how Satan deceives men. He gives them access to the spiritual world, and thus to knowledge. But the reality is much more miserable. You will, at best, have access to the second world, but as far as glory is concerned, you won’t have access to it. You are assigned a demon that enables you to do certain things but in the end its mission is to fill you as many demons as possible in order to destroy you or use you to destroy other lives, while Jesus gave us His own life so we might have life eternal. All He requires from us is to wait a little bit here on earth until He comes back. We will then be in His holy presence, have full knowledge of the spiritual world and be in total bliss.

Let’s get back to you then. What kind of child and teenager were you?

I was very disturbed. It was easy to notice it, because I was “different”. Let’s say it was “demonic sanctification”. I was not sinning openly. I looked religious, as if I was raised in a family with religious values. Later on, we deserted Satanism. And soon after that, I threw myself headlong into the world. In just a few years, I found myself in youth crime, sexual depravity (except Satanism) and drugs. I started with hashish, then followed with XTC, speed, a little bit of coke and heroin. I was constantly influenced by one demon or another. So just before Jesus came to seek me again – for, ever since I was a child, He’d already called me several times while in my wanderings – I was completely emotionally, physically and spiritually devastated. I had no personality per se or very little as the demons were taking too much space in my soul. I realised that Satan could do nothing for me – and neither could the world – because he is a liar.

I was so empty and totally hopeless. Only when I reached a certain age did I realise that people were living beings and not just dolls I could use as I wished. I remember that because one day I saw a child crying because I was hurting him and I said to myself: “hey, I didn’t know this thing could cry??? How strange!” But it stuck with me.

Have you ever wanted to break with the lifestyle you had?

Yes, but this is impossible without Jesus, and people must be aware of it! Someone should announce it. My life was sad, filled with wickedness and deprived of the simple pleasures of life that God offers us; Satan defiles everything! Towards the end of the «Satanism» period, my parents decided to depart from it because everything was spiralling out of control at home: the fight for power had become never-ending. My brothers, sisters and I were trying to kill one another. My twin brother and I – who made a covenant for “no blood shedding” – had attempted a coup to kill our mother. Fortunately it failed. The cost of leaving Satanism is the loss of memory, along with many other things. It’s a trap. The reality is that you never leave Satanism. Even though you do it unconsciously, you carry on practicing it. The only way to come out of it is when Jesus comes to seek us. We all had a split personality. One side was more or less normal, while the other was completely demonic. We did not really control the transfer from one personality to another, it was automatic. We realised the damage we caused though because fragments of memory were going from one personality to another.

My parents have sought to escape it all through different occult movements and sciences: the Rosicrucian’s, the Circes, Catholicism and even the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I myself was a member of the Rosycross and was a flag bearer. This is a very diabolical sect which claims to draw its origins from the Egyptians. You notably learn different initiations including astral travel (this consists in coming out of one’s body). They like to study esoterism and ancient Egypt. And just as some pastors, they go and bathe in the river Jordan. As the son of one of the great masters overthrew his father to take his place, the father and his most loyal “lieutenants” left and founded the CIRCES. The most influential section of the Rosycross is part of Martinism. And what of Catholicism and other religions where occultism is mixed with the Bible? I believe these are the worst because they use the name of Jesus. Or rather they defile His name with practices that are unworthy of Him.

What kind of adult were you?

I was a mess, totally desperate. I sampled everything but nothing really satisfied me. There is not much hope for the kind of man I was except Jesus. All I could dream of was simple things: love, peace, joy, happiness! All these things can only and truly be found in Jesus. Happiness can only be found in Jesus. I was living vicariously through others because I could not access my own heart. I was feeding off of others and of their emotions, and was extremely sad.

Some people think that God and Satan are a myth and that they are mere human inventions. What can you say about that?

In my opinion, they do exist, but the Holy Spirit is the one who will convince them. I invite you to ask Jesus to come into your life and to manifest Himself to you. God is very powerful and He knows how to talk to you, you whom He wove into your mother’s womb. But watch out, one day it will be too late.

What was your opinion regarding each one of them?

Well, I did not really know that there was a God. I mistakenly thought that Satan was the most powerful creature. But now I am gloating over the fact that Satan has to bow down every time the name of Jesus is pronounced. I was really wrong. That’s the reason why Satan does no sleep you know, because if he was to he would certainly have nightmares. Even the least freshly converted Christian can make him bow down in the powerful name of Jesus Christ! Satan is a creature and Jesus is the Creator. He is so powerful that entities like the sun and the earth come to life at His command. Indeed, wars have been lost, people have been ruined but Satan has lost everything! That’s tough!!!! Hihihi! Who failed like Satan??? Who has been stripped and humiliated like he has? Jesus came to take away the record of debt that stood against us. Satan lost his power over all those who accepted Jesus. He was shamed publicly, and humiliated in front of his demons, fallen angels and before all men. Man is the only creature who fails to understand this. All the other creatures do understand it because they were there. God is almighty; He is good and is a lovely Daddy. He is fair and acts rightly with us. How comforting !

In what circumstances did you end up turning to God?

In fact, I was not the one who made the first move. God is the One who truly came and took care of our family. One needs a great deal of faith to switch sides just like that. You need to be sure to move from the weaker side to the stronger! You know, unlike men, God is humble. Jesus called me to Him several times and never ceased to do so despite my blasphemies and the way I was treating His servants. God simply came to visit me, full of love. He really is powerful because He poured out His love in my heart and nothing could stop it, neither the demons nor Satan, or me. It hurt a little bit but at the same time it felt so good.

Why did you choose to turn to God?

When there is really no hope, there is always Jesus. I read a book by TL Osborn which contained rather powerful testimonies about sorcerers who, although converted to Christ, did not die. I saw my mother make the move, then my brother. Something really changed in them. It gave me the strength to take the leap despite the fact that the demons were furious and threatened me. I ran to see a pastor and I urged him to witness me as I asked Jesus to come into my life in order for Satan not to be able to accuse me. The pastor did not understand my zeal. At that time, unfortunately I only accepted Jesus as my Saviour. I thought that there was no hope for me. I just wanted to die in Christ. I wanted Him to take my life back. I did not want Him to relieve my pain or to strip me of my power as I still wanted to be able to defend myself. And yet, this is exactly what He did. I did not understand His language. Indeed, He was calling me a valiant warrior. He told me that He had called me, that He loved me and many other things. I was wandering in the Christian world and nobody could help me. I heard about the power of the Holy Spirit and I started to run after Him (and yet He was in me). I did not understand anything about the Word. I took part in activities such as counselling but neither did I find God, nor did I find deliverance through it.

It was only a few years later, when I joined a congregation where the leaders truly walked in holiness – I thought such thing did not exist and that all Christians were hypocrites – that I decided to give up my luggage and bow down before Jesus my Lord. It’s funny because I’ve always announced things before they happened. It bothered everyone because I knew things that I was not supposed to know. For example I said to my brother that I did not want to break-in with him because we were going to get caught. Still, he would go there and end up getting caught. I thought this thing was demonic but later on I came to realise that it was something that God had given me. It was He who created me to serve Him.

What did you discover about Jesus Christ?

I discovered that His sacrifice on the cross was not a failure but the greatest victory that the universe and all the worlds (visible and invisible) have ever known. Jesus defends His children, He is the shield and the foundation. There is PEACE in Him.

What difficulties did you face when you decided to move on from the life you had before?

In the beginning, things were very complicated because I was not reading the Bible enough. No one could see my inner state and no one could cast out demons in the congregation. They could see nothing at all. To be honest, I was very disappointed because I could see their spiritual state and what they were hiding. I was longing for something else, but I could see it anywhere. It was as if they did not know the Jesus who found me. They did not fear God. They only had the appearance of piety. In the end, trusting the brethren and opening up to them was also very difficult. Young people preferred to gather in order to flirt, watch films rather than praying or praising God. I was very naive at the time and very disappointed to see the intentions of ladies that were not so virtuous. I’m not very spiritual as a person you know but I love Jesus. He is so meek. The demons and Satan threatened us in many ways. The Satanists also attacked us and still do. But since I walk in sanctification, they stay away from me. They attack at their own risk. Even Satan, when he attacks makes sure to take a secret squadron with him in case he’s cast out in the name of Jesus. I also had to learn to get to know myself because I have been possessed ever since I was born. So I was not used to live alone in my own mind. I did not know who I was and what my personality was.

Why did you persevere in the faith despite all the battles you had?

Because Jesus is the only way. It’s not a mere verse, but a great truth. I’m in a ship, that of Jesus. I feel safe and very good in it. There are crocodiles and sharks who are mighty upset at me in the water. And you are asking me why I do not want to get out of the boat?

What do you have in the Lord that you didn’t have when you were living in the darkness?

Everything. You asking me this question means that you do not know anything about the world of darkness. This world is all about torment. Satan himself is made of torment and anger. All the occultists are tormented and devoured from the inside. It’s unbearable. With the demons requesting blood, their bad temper and their never-ending quarrels, it’s not easy to live. Life in Jesus is much different. There’s no such thing as the peace that is in Jesus! There’s no such thing as the safety and perfect love that is in our God. Happiness is in Jesus. God is not wicked. He allows us to take part in His life, His glory, His kingdom and many promises. God comforts us when we are saddened; He heals our wounds and uses us to demonstrate His glory. What a God! What a difference!

In what way is the Christian life more satisfying? 

It’s based upon God’s righteousness and love. God loves us and is fair with us. He will not betray us nor forsake us. What assurance and what security! As far as human relationships are concerned, we have the Bible and we ought to meditate it because it is our guide and saves us from being fooled by men.

When did you give your life to the Lord and what is your life like today?

I made my first steps with the Lord 15 years ago (we’re getting old!) but I truly gave up everything for Him 9 years ago. I let God strip me of everything. I was as helpless as a little strengthless grub. I was really pathetic. But He later on clothed me with a different outfit. I’m currently in training with the Lord. I’m married. I’m waiting for the Lord’s go ahead to work in His field. Before coming to France (I’m from Belgium), I tried to serve God but He spoke to me in a dream saying that I was not entitled to do so. I’m therefore waiting for His permission. I’m really happy to know Jesus. I like sanctification. This may sound strange but I really like sanctification and the glory of God that’s related to it sanctification.

What can you tell us about sin in general and most particularly, about that of occultism?

Sin should really afflict us. First because it brings a separation between us and God, which is so unpleasant, but also because it really is something that deeply saddens God. Jesus is our fiancé and we, the Church, are His beloved. Jesus is enamoured with us, He never ceases looking at us totally in love. It’s as if I was with my fiancée and that she began to look at someone else and speak to him with love! How sad! But sin is worse, it is spiritual adultery. This very same fiancée would have sexual intercourse with other men while you sanctify yourself for her. Occultism is an insult to God and is so mean. Considering yourselves as gods, while the true God is giving us the air that we breathe, how pitiful. Let us learn to know God, experience holiness and a life without sin in the long term because that’s what life with God is all about, and God honours us when we honour Him.

If you had one message to give to people, what would it be?

Jesus is coming soon, very soon. He comes to take a Church having no spot or wrinkle. He comes to take men and women who live in sanctification. He gave His life for you, He died on the cross to redeem you at a great price. Repent and live! Give up sin and live! Let go of the idols and live! He calls a new generation, Christians who live in sanctification. Christians with an exemplary simplicity, holiness, profoundness and with a message that has not yet been heard and seen before except in the Bible.

Here is the message: Jesus is back! Prepare yourselves! Make this step today, now. Tomorrow will be too late. Jesus will change your lives.

3 Comments on Testimony of an ex-satanist: Who failed like Satan? JESUS CHRIST IS ALMIGHTY!

  1. Im super blessed… may God continue to take of his creatures and may his name alone be glorified


  2. Elom Isaac Okwir // May 5, 2017 at 5:19 pm // Reply

    Be blessed my brother for the encouragement u have given to me. Dear brother and sister who have read this testimony i beg u to print many copies and circulate it to more than 100 people. I also strongly recommend u to gogle ‘queen of coast message to christian part 1,2 and their assignment and share it whith others. Do it faster; who knows by mid-2017 we could still be here on earth. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE IMMINIENT RAPTURE OF THE !!!


  3. Kealeboga macdonald Ntwanngwe // March 24, 2017 at 8:37 pm // Reply


    Thank you for such a powerful testimony. I believe God will help us as Born Again Christians to live life of sanctification.


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